Jiang Hong (Kiang Hung) 江宏

August 30, 2012

While a steady crop of very talented and glamorous female singers (and actresses) dominated the Chinese Cinema, an unassuming male singer was quietly lending his voice to songs for many soundtracks in Shaw Brothers’ movies as a playback artist. Jiang Hong 江宏 may be unfamiliar on camera but the impact of his singing voice definitely left an indelible impression from Chinese folk songs (山歌) in 山歌恋 (The Shepherd Girl) to Huang Mei Diao (黃梅調) like 花木蘭 (Hua Mulan) with Ivy Ling Po 凌波 and in the 林黛 Lin Dai classic, 江山美人 (The Kingdom and the Beauty). He also frequently sang duets especially with Tsin Ting 静婷. He was married to another renowned singer 崔萍 Tsui Ping. Jiang Hong passed away in 1995.

曾有一位美麗的姑娘 在這湖邊來來往往
白雲悠悠 歲月如流 那姑娘已去向何方
我要找尋 我要找尋 找尋妳的影蹤
去向何方 去向何方 只剩下苦情花獨自芬芳

廟宇蓋在那個高山上, 姐兒住在那個小村莊, 一心要到廟裡去燒香
只怕又被旁人問短長. 萬一有人問, 何事去燒香? 嘴上不回答. 心裡一樣慌
我還沒娶妹,妳還沒嫁郎,我娶妳出嫁,正好成一雙. 何必還要去燒香呀? 去燒香?
只怪哥兒你,為何早不講? 你不請媒証,早上我們家. 姐兒只得去燒香呀,去燒香
我倆也好趁早配成雙, 我倆也好趁早配成雙 呀!配成雙

A.Rahman Mohd. & The Fabulous Orchids

August 3, 2012

A.Rahman Mohd. & The Fabulous Orchids came from Pontian, a sleepy seaside town in the state of Johor in Malaysia across the strait from the exuberant pop scene of Singapore. They released an EP on Playboy label (Ngee Fat Record Company) of original compositions. Two songs, “Kenapa Menghilang” (Why is it lost) and “Seruan Pertiwi” (Cry of the Homeland) are featured here.

Music by Request: The Quests in Malay (with Malay artists)

July 20, 2012

(Limited presentation only)

Sandra Sanger

May 14, 2012

Sandra Sanger hailed from Sulawesi (Celebes), Indonesia. Her original “Ayo Mama” was another very successful cross-cultural hit song. She is not to be confused with her sister, Norma, who was also a very successful recording artist. Together with Marini, Sandra toured with The Steps throughout the Far East including Tokyo and Hong Kong in the late 60’s thru 70s. Sandra passed away in 1989 at only 43 years old.

Jalan-jalan kota Semarang
Teruslah naik kota Ungaran
Sungguh pintar laki sekarang
Ngaku sekolah tapi pacaran

Ayo, mama jangan mama marah beta
Dia cuma dia cuma cium beta
Ayo, mama jangan mama marah beta
‘Lah orang muda punya biasa

Ambil jala, tongkat pendiri
Oh ular naga mencari makan
Dapat cium pipi yang kiri
Oh minta tambah pipi yang kanan

Kalau ada sumur di ladang
Bolehlah kita menumpang mandi
Kalau ada umurku panjang
Bolehlah kita berjumpa lagi

Ye Feng (Julie) 葉楓

May 11, 2012

Julie Ye was born Wang Jiu-ling 王玖玲 in Hankou, China. She came from a crop of very talented and glamorous female actresses who dominated HK Cinema from late 50s thru 60s. She earned the nickname “Sister Long Legs” after her 1960 movie with the same title 長腿姐姐. Her stunning physique and sultry reputation (something sometimes known as “innate sex appeal”) would cause to distract but she captivated a generation of fans with the many memorable musical movie scenes as she sang with an alluring silky and magnetic voice. Some of her more popular songs are 晚霞 (Sunset), 歌迷小姐 (Miss Songbird), 我有个好家庭 (I have a happy family) and 唱不完的他 (Endless love). Pathe (EMI-HK) released a CD of her popular songs (The Series 34 – 神秘女郎) in 2007.



Tony Brent

May 4, 2012

Tony Brent was born Reginald Bretagne in Bombay (Mumbai) of Anglo-Indian descent. He met Noreen Crawford, married and moved to England in 1947. Tony was spotted by a talent scout after he entered a talent contest at the Kingston Regal Theatre. He was introduced to Bert Ambrose and Cyril Stapleton’s BBC Showband. He joined the showband in 1951 and took the stage name Tony Brent. He recorded with Columbia Records and scored seven Top 20 chart hits in the UK in a span of six years. In 1961, he relocated to Sydney. In Australia, he appeared as a regular guest on the popular TV show “Magic of Music”. Tony also opened several restaurants including the popular “Shalimar” which incorporated a cabaret where he would continue to entertain by singing with the various appearing acts. Tony Brent died in 1993 (his ashes were scattered in the Ganges).

I joined the navy to see the world
But nowhere could I find
A girl as sweet as Cindy
The girl I left behind
I’ve sailed the wide world over
Can’t get her out of my mind

Cindy, oh Cindy (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Cindy don’t let me down (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Write me a letter, soon (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
And I’ll be homeward bound (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)

I see her face in every wave
Her lips kiss every breeze
Her loving arms reach out for me
Through calm and stormy sea
At night I face the lonely deck
Caressed by memories

I know my Cindy’s waiting
As I walk the deck alone
Her loving arms reach out for me
Soon I’ll be heading home
Then my sailing days will be over
And no more will I roam

Wanda & Joyce

March 1, 2012

Wanda (Elvira Carolina) was born in Bandung, Indonesia. Her father, George de Fretes, was a popular local musician (He was inducted into the European Steel Guitar Hall of Fame posthumously in 2010). After the divorce, her mother Joyce Aubrey expatriated to the Netherlands with Wanda. In 1962 at age 16, Wanda recorded with Johnny & His Cellar Rockers on her first SP with Let’s twist again and We shall twist. In the same year, she teamed up with her mother as a duo (Wanda & Joyce) to record several Indo-rock songs which were very successful hits in the Netherlands, Germany and the Far East. They were accompanied by The Rhythm Brothers consisting of studio musicians and supplemented by her own father George de Fretes and the famous Surinamese guitarist, Lex Vervuurt.

The Rhythm Brothers (not to be confused with a band with the same name from the Alblasserwaard):
Frans Kroes (Guitar)
Dick Kroes (Guitar)
Wim Dohmen (Bass guitar)
Radja Delamonte (Drums)