Wanda & Joyce

March 1, 2012

Wanda (Elvira Carolina) was born in Bandung, Indonesia. Her father, George de Fretes, was a popular local musician (He was inducted into the European Steel Guitar Hall of Fame posthumously in 2010). After the divorce, her mother Joyce Aubrey expatriated to the Netherlands with Wanda. In 1962 at age 16, Wanda recorded with Johnny & His Cellar Rockers on her first SP with Let’s twist again and We shall twist. In the same year, she teamed up with her mother as a duo (Wanda & Joyce) to record several Indo-rock songs which were very successful hits in the Netherlands, Germany and the Far East. They were accompanied by The Rhythm Brothers consisting of studio musicians and supplemented by her own father George de Fretes and the famous Surinamese guitarist, Lex Vervuurt.

The Rhythm Brothers (not to be confused with a band with the same name from the Alblasserwaard):
Frans Kroes (Guitar)
Dick Kroes (Guitar)
Wim Dohmen (Bass guitar)
Radja Delamonte (Drums)