Vince Chu

April 6, 2011

Penang had it’s own favorite Elvis impersonator in the early 60s — Vince Chu. Vince was actually an Indonesian Chinese attending school in Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia) when he won the local Elvis Presley Contest title. Like Rocky Teoh, he sang many contemporary Chinese pops in English (Here, Please be mine from the popular Chinese song, 午夜香吻 Midnight kisses). He recorded with The Jungle Lynxs and toured with the Maggie’s A Go Go Pop Show in Malaysia and Brunei. He also recorded an EP with The Tyros.


I can’t conceal the tender feeling
Now that you are close to me
I look at you with tender feeling
And can’t help kiss you tenderly

I offer you a true devotion
All life through my love I vow
For this is real, this sweet emotion
This tender feeling I have now

Somehow I knew from the moment our lips first met
You’d be the girl I could never forget
No other love could be appealing
I loved you right from the start
And with each kiss I’ll keep revealing
The tender feeling in my heart