Valentine & The Phantoms

November 23, 2006


Valentine & The Phantoms were formed in 1963. Valentine was from Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia. The Phantoms were from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. They were pioneering, being the first band to record on an international label (Philips) from Malaysia. Roselyn was a one-hit wonder for the band. It was another case of the “B” side which turned up to be the “better” song. Valentine also recorded with The Sapphires.

Valentine & The Phantoms: Valentine Patrick (vocal), Albert Sua (lead), John Anthony (rhythm), Harold Lawrence (bass), Aloysius Danker (drums).

Valentine & The Phantoms: I’ll let you know, Roselyn
Valentine & The Sapphires: See you in dreamland, This can’t be home, Leaves leave, Scene after scene

My darling, Roselyn
Why did you go away?
You told me that you loved me
You said that I’ll be the one for you
But darling, guess I was wrong
My heart longed
To see you again
Oh Roselyn, can’t you hear my plea?
My darling, can’t you ever see that I want
You back again?
*Dear, can’t you see?
That I still love you so
My darling, Roselyn
I prayed that you come back to me
And now that you’re gone my world is dark
With emptiness surrounded me
So darling, come back to me

My darling, Roselyn
I will never forget the moments we shared together
Let bygone be bygone, dear
And always remember, I love you
And I always will, my darling, Roselyn