Tracy Huang 黃露儀

December 24, 2006


Tracy Huang or Huang Yin Yin (also, Huang Lu Yi) was first discovered in Taiwan where she recorded two film sound tracks, “Yun He (Cloud river)” and “Wo Xin Shen Chu (Deep within my heart)” under the Kolin label. However, stardom only struck when she moved to Singapore. In 1976, she recorded with EMI in Mandarin: “Unforgetable (Wang bu diao)” became a top seller album. In the same year, she released her highly acclaimed English album, “Feelings”. Tracy is widely acknowledged to be the first Chinese-language singer to also record successfully in English for her accurate diction, fluency, and the acceptance by the English language audience. Another album, “Ai De Lei Zhu”, swept the Taiwan market making it one of the select few ‘foreign’ Mandarin recordings ever to succeed in that most difficult of markets. During her Polygram years, she began to focus more on the Mandarin and Cantonese audience. Her newer albums were released under Rock Records, EMI Taiwan, and Universal Music.

EMI, 2003: Nian Jiu – Tracy Huang
Ai de lei zhu; Ni nan; Yun he; Yan xing quian li; Wo xin shen chu; Wo zhi yao ni de ai; Ai ren de yan jing; Hu huan wo; Ai xin qian wan wan; Wo xin di yin, Bu yao qing y an bie li; Tui le se de meng; Cui gu ji qing; Wo yuan; Wang bu diao; Yi sheng zai jian; Xin zhong meng zhong; Qiu feng.

EMI, 2007: Tracy Huang Greatest Collection (2-CD)
(This set contains songs from her English albums from the late 70s and early 80s)
There’s a kind of hush; Mississippi; Fernando; Hello darling; Feelings; Sometimes when we touch; Here there and everywhere; Do you know where you’re going to; Come on over; The end of the world; Sailing; It doesn’t matter anymore; I don’t like to sleep alone; Sad eyes; Change of heart; Baby, I’m a want you/Everything I own (Medley); Walking in the rain; I’ve never been to me; Dancing queen; Sound of silence; Love me tender; This girl has turned into a woman; Kiss me goodbye; I don’t want to talk about it; Rhythm of the rain; San Francisco; Fool on the hills; Hurt so bad: To Sir with love; I only wanna with you; You don’t have to say you love me; Reflections of my life; This is my song.