Tony Brent

May 4, 2012

Tony Brent was born Reginald Bretagne in Bombay (Mumbai) of Anglo-Indian descent. He met Noreen Crawford, married and moved to England in 1947. Tony was spotted by a talent scout after he entered a talent contest at the Kingston Regal Theatre. He was introduced to Bert Ambrose and Cyril Stapleton’s BBC Showband. He joined the showband in 1951 and took the stage name Tony Brent. He recorded with Columbia Records and scored seven Top 20 chart hits in the UK in a span of six years. In 1961, he relocated to Sydney. In Australia, he appeared as a regular guest on the popular TV show “Magic of Music”. Tony also opened several restaurants including the popular “Shalimar” which incorporated a cabaret where he would continue to entertain by singing with the various appearing acts. Tony Brent died in 1993 (his ashes were scattered in the Ganges).

I joined the navy to see the world
But nowhere could I find
A girl as sweet as Cindy
The girl I left behind
I’ve sailed the wide world over
Can’t get her out of my mind

Cindy, oh Cindy (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Cindy don’t let me down (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
Write me a letter, soon (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)
And I’ll be homeward bound (C-Cindy, C-Cindy)

I see her face in every wave
Her lips kiss every breeze
Her loving arms reach out for me
Through calm and stormy sea
At night I face the lonely deck
Caressed by memories

I know my Cindy’s waiting
As I walk the deck alone
Her loving arms reach out for me
Soon I’ll be heading home
Then my sailing days will be over
And no more will I roam