The Thunderbirds

November 9, 2006


The Thunderbirds was formed in 1962. The lineup of Derrick Fitzgerald (lead), Harvey Fitzgerald (vocals, rhythm), William Wee (bass), Freddie Tan (drums) recorded a single in 1966 with “My lonely heart” on the A side. The song became No. 1 in Singapore and Malaysia. Harvey sang the haunting ballad with Derrick playing some very effective slide guitar licks using a comb. In 1967, they released another successful SP but it was the slip side “You were made for me to love”‘ which became another favorite hit.

My lonely heart, My hula girl, You were made for me to love, Michael and the slipper tree, Mohair Sam, Move it, Pixie, Silence is golden, Sloop John B, Tell me you are mine, The house that Jack built, Tracy, Tribute to my love, What goes on, Wild nature, Always in mind, Birthday, Blame it on the bossa nova, Call your name, Hey girl, I miss your love, I’m as sad as I can be, I’m sorry she’s mine, Lamplight, Little lady.

The Thunderbirds (L-R):
Derrick Fitzgerald (lead)
Ivan Fitzgerald (percussions)
William Wee (bass)
Freddie Tan (drums)
Harvey Fitzgerald (vocal, rhythm)

The music was a’playing
And my heart was a’swaying
But I knew right then
I wouldn’t dance again
The people were a’laughing
While I, I was a’crying
For you were gone
And I was left alone
You, you stole my heart that night
The night you said goodbye
And now, now I beg of you
Please return my heart so I may cry
Every night I dream
I will meet you someday
But I know it’s true
I won’t be seeing you
*You, you’ve been my only one
But now, now I’ll always be blue
For I, I’ll be the lonely one
Just wishing and hoping to find someone like you
I guess I will never
Ever find another
For I knew
It will always be you