The Swallows (from Singapore)

January 3, 2012

Formed in 1960 in the Sembawang area, The Swallows recorded instrumental hits like “Senandung Malam” (Lover’s Star). In time, the band adapted and began backing popular singers such as Ahmad Jais, Sanisah Huri, Ahmad Daud and P. Ramlee. In 1965, they were recruited to provide the soundtracks for two movies: “Pusaka Pontianak” and “Sayang Si Buta”. In 1966, they signed on Kassim Slamat as main singer and recorded the popular songs “La-a-Obē” (which became a hit in West Germany) and “Angkok-Angkok Bilis”. It is notable that The Swallows were always only a part-time band with its members holding fulltime day jobs while moonlighting as passionate musicians. They were the first and most successful Kugiran Melayu Pop Yeh Yeh in the 60s.

The Swallows:  Affandi Haji A. Rahman (drums, Leader), Yusope Lamat (rhythm guitar), Yahaya Galib (lead guitar), Hamid Ba’ahs (bass guitar), Kassim Slamat (vocals)