The Surfers / The October Cherries

November 18, 2006


The Surfers recorded with EMI with their first EP “Hooray for Hazel” topping the charts in Singapore and Malaysia in 1966. They continued to do successful covers like Bad moon rising, Hey Jude, I will, I started a joke, I gotta get a message to you, Ola-di Ola-da and a wonderful version of Ballad of Romeo and Juliet. In 1968, the band changed its name to The October Cherries and started to record under its own label, BAAL. The October Cherries also recorded as Jade & Pepper (Jay and Pete) and Funkgus (with additional musicians from UK).

The mainstay of the band: Richard Khan (drums), Jay Shotam (lead singer/bassist), Peter Diaz (singer/lead guitar), Benny Siew (guitar).

The Surfers: Hooray for Hazel, Mony Mony, Oh my love, Answer me, bang-a-shang-a-lang, Betcha by Golly Wow, By the time I get to Phoenix, Chewy chewy, Do something to me, Don’t tell it to Jane, Ebony eyes, Hello-A, Hey Ho (Mrs. Vandebilt), Hey Jude, Honey (I miss you), Hot child in the city, I started a joke, I’m gotta get a message to you, I will, Love me do, Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Love theme from Romeo and Juliet, Muddy water, Take me back home, The mule.

The October Cherries: Butterfly, Beautiful Sunday, Man with a gun, Far away, All things work together for good to them that love God, Cucucu Choo, Coffee toffee squares, Lay down your love, All alone, Bad trip, Broken chair, Can I hold your hand, Deborah, Dream man, Dreaming seller, Felicia (Flowers for your grave), Help, I’ll wait, It’s all there, It’s happening again, Jig a jurf jurf, Surprise surprise, Take me Ohio, This is our love song, Who changed the weather, Melodie skies (Give back the ring), Pretty maid, Na na song, Same old song, Something I love about you, One fine day, Please love me.

*Hooray for Hazel, she put me down
Hooray for Hazel, she made me her clown
Hooray for Hazel, she’s up to her tricks
Hooray for Hazel, she’s gettin’ her kicks

Hazel’s been in love with many a guy
She tells them that she loves em and then says goodbye
Hooray for Hazel, I’m now on her list
I’m just another fool that couldn’t resist

Hazel never feels any pity or shame
A broken heart is just a part of her evil game
Hooray for Hazel, she did it again
I’ll join the ranks of broken hearts that she put me in

Hazel only does things she wants to do
She’s selfish and she’s spoiled and she knows that she’s cute
Hooray for Hazel, she still gets her way
But there’s a time a-comin’ we’ll be able to say

Hooray for Hazel, there’s tears in her eyes
Hooray for Hazel, she knows how to cry
Hooray for Hazel, she’s meek as a dove
Hooray for Hazel, she’s beggin’ for love
Hooray for Hazel, there’s tears in her eyes
Hooray for Hazel, she knows how to cry