The Stylers

January 3, 2010

The Stylers’ presence and influence of Chinese beat music was of epic proportion. They started out as The Angels (later, as The Rhythm Strickers) and recorded a Mandarin EP “Maggie” under Miracle Records in 1962. In 1966, they teamed up with the popular vocalist Ronnie See and gigged regularly at the popular Celestial Room Tea Dance (Singapore). They recorded an EP cover of English songs with Squirrel Records with some success. By the time Ronnie left in 1969, they had landed a major contract with Polar Bear Records to back Chinese singers. They had inherited a “dynasty” from The Melodians after they disbanded due to the fatal electrocution accident of Maurice Patton. The number of record releases by The Stylers was staggering. Besides backing the ever expanding pool of multi-racial singers who eagerly sought after them, they also released a voluminous grab bag of “non-stop instrumental” (off-beat cha-cha, a-go-go, fox-trot, etc.) dancing music.

The Stylers: John Teo (lead), Rahn Lee (rhythm), Douglas Tan (bass) and Elying Wong (drums). Other members over the years included: Frankie (bass), Jeffrey Ong (keyboard), Idros (drums), Osman (drums), Ronnie See (vocal) and Robert Song (vocal, percussions).

Hey baby, won’t you take a chance.
Say that you’ll let me have this dance.
Well let’s dance, let’s dance.
We’ll do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potatoes too,
Any old dance that you wanna do.
Well let’s dance, let’s dance.

Hey baby if you’re all alone.
Baby, you’ll let me walk you home
Let’s dance …

Hey baby yeah you thrill me so.
Hold me tight, don’t you let me go.
Let’s dance …

Hey baby yeah things are swing right
Yes I know that this is the night.

Let’s dance… Well let’s dance, well let’s dance