The Siglap Five

December 1, 2006


The Siglap Five were formed in 1963 with Hamid (vocals), Karim (guitar), Nick (bass), Hamidon (organ) and Ariff (drums). When Hamid left, Jeffridin joined and they were known as Jeffridin & The Siglap Five. Later, Kamsin was brought in officially as the fifth member and to play the rhythm guitar. When Ariff left, Jaffar Kupe replaced him on drums. The Siglap Five were the first band to record R&B in Malay. They recorded three EP’s with Jeffridin, two SP’s backing Evey Lyn and Edison Eddie (Sabah) and one EP in their own name. The Siglap Five had three singers: Jeffridin, Fatimah M Amin and Hussein Ismail.

Jeffridin & The Siglap Five: Puja’an Terhina, Menari, Nad Suchi Untuk Mu, Adek Mu.
Evey Lyn & The Siglap Five: I cried for you, Tell me if it’s true.
The Siglap Five: Peritiwa di awangan.