The Lotus (with Sam Hui)

July 10, 2009

The Lotus - 1

They were called Bar Six but renamed as The Lotus after Sam Hui joined as lead vocalist in 1966. They were signed by Diamond Records and recorded “Just a little” which became a hit in Hong Kong in 1967. They became the hosts of the popular TV program for TVB called The Star Show. After the group disbanded , Sam Hui continued as a solo act and released the very successful “Time of The Season” with Polydor in 1971. (When the mood and taste of music shifted in HK, Sam Hui started singing in Chinese, popularizing Canto-pop by the fusion of Cantonese with Western popular music.)

The Lotus: Sam Hui (lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitar), Wallace Chow (lead guitar), Albert Lee (rhythm guitar), Danny So (bass), David Cheung (drums).

I can’t stay, yes I know
You know I hate to go
So goodbye, love was sweet
Our worlds can never meet

Can’t you see how I feel
When I say love’s unreal
But goodbye, it’s been sweet
Even though incomplete

Every night I still hear
All your sighs very clear
Now love’s gone, gone away
As I once heard you say

* So I’ll cry just a little ’cause I love you so
And I’ll die just a little ’cause I have to go away