The Jets

November 8, 2006


The Jets’ line-up consisted of Edward Tan (lead), Alan Poh (bass), Harold Chiang (rhythm) and Bertie Lim (drums). Richard Tan replaced Bertie just before The Jets recorded in 1965. This first EP featured four original instrumentals. Edward composed Aurora which stayed No. 1 on the chart for three weeks. In July they released their second EP with four more instrumentals which included the very popular Alice in dreamland. The Jets went through still more personnel change over time. In 1967, The Jets with Edward Tan released its third and final EP on the Blue Star label. The band brokeup the following year.

First EP (Aurora, Meteor, Fantasy, Escapee)
Second EP (Blues away, Express train, The big bat, Alice in dreamland)
Third EP ( 500 miles, Unchained melody, When I was young, Fever)