The Jetliners

June 6, 2009

The Jetliners-1

Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) was the headquarters of the South East Asian Command (SEAC) in WW II. When peace reigned, the popular Radio SEAC became Radio Ceylon which continued to broadcast to the Indian subcontinent as well as to overseas listeners by shortwave bands. Before long, the airwaves were filled with optimism and music from the island country. One of the premier acts was The Jetliners. The group played gigs at the Coconut Grove at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo and the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay (Mumbai), a stint in Singapore, and finally at The Regent in Hong Kong for a 17-year unbroken contract (1980-1997). They disbanded but got together for two important reunion concerts: Reunion Concert in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, and The Original Jetliners Reunion Concert held in Sri Lanka in 2004.

The Jetliners: Indra Rajah (lead guitar), Anton Gunavijaya (rhythm guitar), Felix Fernando (bass guitar & vocal), Harris Jurangpathy (drums & percussion), Mignonnie Rutnam (vocal & organ). There were several lead singers including Mignonne Rutnam (Mignonne Fernando), Loretta Koch, Aston Koch and Sohan Pieris. Loretta Koch sang the featured song, “Funny how love can be”.

The Jetliners-2

There he goes with his nose in the air
Funny how love can be
Wonder why he pretends I’m not there
Funny how love can be, yeah
Funny how love can be
There he is with that look in his eye
Hasn’t got time for me
Does he know how it’s making me cry?
Funny how love can be, yeah
Funny how love can be
*What a thing to happen;
Life without a friend
What a thing to happen;
Funny how true love can end
I can tell that he just doesn’t care
How can I make him see?
I’m in love and it just isn’t fair
Funny how love can be, yeah
Funny how love can be