Suyin (Henry Foo, Foo Soo Yin) 舒雲

January 5, 2008


A popular producer with EMI in his own right, Suyin also featured as a singer and was the male counterpart to Rita Chao and Sakura Teng. Also backed by the top-notched Quests, he sang Mandarin version of popular English songs in true “western” style. What an unforgettable rendition of “Too good” by Suyin with The Quests!

The girl in my sweet dream, Meeting on a starry night, Judy Judy Judy, Wonderful girl, Portrait of my love, Too good, Yesterday, First bend of the river, Ramona, Green green grass of home, Love at first sight, Dusk, Lady Jane, Dream, Wait for me, Love dreams, Fraulien, Can’t forget you, Green fields, One tear drop, You don’t have to say you love me, House of the rising sun, Summer wine.