Shin Joong Hyun 신중현

October 19, 2011

Shin Joong Hyun is a guitarist-singer-songwriter, affectionately named the Godfather of K-pop. He started by listening to the rockabilly sound played on AFKN (American Forces Korea Network) with a crude hand-made radio. He formed his band “Add 4” and recorded the endearing 빗속의 여인 (The Woman In The Rain) in 1964. From rockabilly and Merseybeat, he adapted and again led the charge into psychedelic rock as the culture emerged in the mid 1960s. During the regime of (South Korea) President Park Chung Hee, he was imprisoned and his songs were banned. It is estimated that he composed a staggering 50% of all Korean classic hit songs for artists like The Pearl Sisters 펄 시스터즈 and Lee Jeong Hwa 이정화. He was honored by Fender Musical Instruments Corp. by becoming the first Asian musician and the sixth in the world to be the recipient of the Fender Custom Shop Tribute Series guitar (joining five of other such rock legends as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Stevie Ray Vaughn).

The members of The Add 4: Shin Joong Hyun (lead guitar), Han Young Hyun (bass guitar), Seo Jung Gil (rhythm guitar) and Kwon Soon Keun (drums).

The Add 4

The Add 4 with the Pearl Sisters (Korea)