Sakura Teng 樱花

December 1, 2006


Sakura Teng recorded many fabulous Mandarin covers of popular English songs. Her first SP with “Like I do” and “Sad movie” was an instant hit. Like Rita Chao, she was paired with the top guitar band in Singapore, The Quests. Best known for her yodeling, Sakura Teng sang an unforgetable Mandarin version of If tomorrow never come (The shepherd boy). With Rita Chao, they sang many popular evergreen duets together. They were the twin songbirds of Asia. Sakura Teng also recorded with The Surfers. Her repertoire was multi-lingual, covering Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese and Malay.

Sakura with The Quests: If tomorrow never come (The shepherd boy), Lemon tree, I love cowboy, Aku kechewa, Stupid cupid, , My bonnie, Sad movies, Like I do, Boom, boom, I need you, Party fever, Morningtown ride.

Honemade aishite, Tell the boys, She wears my ring, Blue dreams, Koio surunara, Konichiwa akachyaan,

歌聲圍著青山繞 青山翠谷迴聲響

一片原野好風光 原野本是好天堂
手挽手 肩共肩 忘卻煩惱憂傷
選個吉日 讓我兩配成雙

yo le le i li yo le le i li
yo le le i li yo le le i li

le i le i o yo le le i li
yo le le i li yo le le i li