S.A. Vinton

December 12, 2008


S.A. (Syed Ahmad) Vinton’s recognition and contribution as a songwriter is legendary. He was the drummer for the popular Antartics signed to EMI-Singapore but found time to compose many wonderful songs which were recorded and became successful hits for other artists. The Quests picked up I’ll be your man, Silly girl, You’re telling lies and In a world of our own. Various Malay singers, like Ahmad Jais and Eddie Ahmad, recorded with The Antartics with Vinton’s songs. In particular, the song Aku Kechewa sung by Eddie Ahmad was re-recorded in Mandarin by Sakura Teng with The Quests. It became a blockbuster hit.
The Antartics: Joe Mann (lead), Eunos Rahmat (rhythm), R. Rahmat (bass), S.A. Vinton (drums, vocals)

The Antartics: Runaway
Sakura & The Quests: Aku Kechewa
The Quests (Vernon Cornelius): I’ll be your man; Silly girl