Rocky Teoh

November 23, 2006

rocky-teoh.jpg Rocky Teoh - 101

Rocky Teoh, better known as one of Malaysia’s best Elvis Presley impersonator acts, was from Taiping. Rocky Teoh & The Fabulous Falcons played a packed audience in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand from 1965 to 1967.

In 1965, Rocky released his first EP which he dedicated to his childhood girlfriend who later became his wife. Jacqueline went to No.1 in the local radio charts. The song was based on an original Chinese popular tune “Yeh lai siang”. Rocky’s other memorable hits include Selina and Thinking of you.

Rocky Teoh recorded with various bands around Taiping such as The Voltaires (“Jacqueline”), The Castinos, The Mirages, Los Indians and others. The Fabulous Falcons were from Ipoh: Christopher Choong (lead), Thomas Ham (rhythm), Tommy Ong (bass), Tony Lee (drums).

Selina my true love
Your charm has captured my heart
Your eyes are like stars above
Your lips are tender and sweet
May be you’ll be my girl
And love me like I do
For the love I’ll bring to you
Makes you the queen of my heart
Guess of all the girls I’ve known before
Never thrill me like you do
So now I pledge my whole heart to you
With bending knees at your command
Someday you’ll be my bride
And children we will share
Boys for you and girls for me
Happy as lovers should be

Jacqueline and Rocky were married

Tonight, tonight is just the night
For the moon is shining so bright
We shouldn’t miss such a night
Like this my dear Jacqueline
Because its the right time for love
Hello, hello my dear
I’m speaking to you through the phone
Because I’m all so alone
Counting the stars above
Won’t you please listen to me
Jacqueline, Jacqueline my love
Don’t you know I love you most of all
Well surrender now, be mine tonight
Give me the thrill of your love