Qing San 青山

May 29, 2009

Qing San-1

The golden voice of Qing San or Chin Shan 青山 has endeared him to a generation of overseas Chinese in South-east Asia. He was born in mainland China (浙江) as Tsan Tie-yueh 張鐵嶽 but grew up in Taiwan.  From a young age, he had aspired to be a singer but was turned down by the National Taiwan Academy of Arts because of the lack of a formal musical training. Undeterred, he turned to mandopop 華語流行音樂. He continued to sing and entertain at military bases after he was inducted into the national service. After discharge in 1968, he signed up with Regal and produced numerous unforgettable hit records. He is affectionately called King of Evergreens or 宝岛歌王青山. His most memorable hit is Tears of the Flower (淚 的小花).

Qing San - 101

在雨夜裡 飄落下 黃的花白地花
帶雨的花使我想起了她 就像是含笑地她

為了什麼 總把頭兒垂下 默默地不說一句話
見她淚下 見她不說話 真教我放不下

在深夜裡 明夜下 有幾朵含笑地花
含笑地花使我想起了她 她的笑豔麗像彩霞

只有她的笑 教我常牽掛 深深地一笑像朵花
見她含笑 見她不說話 真教我心牽掛