Nora Aunor

May 9, 2010

Nora Aunor, affectionately known as Ate Guy to her fans, was born Nora Cabaltera Villamayor of Triga, Camarines Sur, Philippines. At age 12, she volunteered to enter an amateur singing contest “Darigold Jamboree” to try to win the prize money of 20 pesos; it was the exact amount needed to pay for her older sister’s school tuition. Nora sang You and the night and the music and won. Nora was encouraged to audition for the national “Darigold Jamboree’s Bulilit” contest in Manila. She was again successful, as well as in the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contest. From there, she shot straight to stardom as a singer as well as an actress and a popular TV personality. She recorded songs like It’s time to say goodbye, Silently and Forever loving you which set all-time high local record sales. She sang Kahit Konting Awa, the theme song to her highly acclaimed and box office hit “The Flor Contemplacion Story” (Viva Films, 1995). Her sentimental rendition of Mother Song is still a favorite on every “Mother’s Day”.

Nora starred in her own TV musical variety show that ran for over two decades, starting as the Nora-Eddie Show with Eddie Peregrina in 1967, becoming The Nora Aunor Show in 1968, and Superstar from 1971 to 1989. She recorded the most singles in Philippine recording history. In 2004, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom declared Aunor’s birthday as Nora Aunor Day in the City and County of San Francisco to honor Aunor for her numerous achievements as an award-winning multi-media artist and entertainer in the Philippines and internationally.