Naomi & The Boys (with Henry Suriya)

November 12, 2006


Naomi Suriya endears her fans as the girl who always has to “say goodbye to her baby.” Her brother, Robert, composed several memorable hits for her with this undertone of tears all through.


The first lineup of The Boys consisted of Robert Suriya (lead), Peter Richards (organ), Moses Tay (rhythm), Henry Richards (bass), Jose Ahmad (drums). Naomi & The Boys released their first record with Philips in early 1965. An original composition, “It’s all over” quickly became No. 1 on the Singapore and Malaysia charts. The Boys then went through some changes. A new lineup emerged with Robert Suriya (lead), Peter Thomas (rhythm), Moses Tay (bass) and Alphonso Soosay (drums) which lasted until the end. With Naomi, their next record also produced another No. 1 hit with a cover version of “Happy happy birthday, baby!” Another original composition on the EP, “I know“, was also a smash hit. Robert’s song-writing machine continued to produce many more hits for Naomi & The Boys. They distinguished themselves as a local band with the confidence in themselves to sing and play their own original compositions. Naomi & The Boys were also credited with the first local Christmas EP.


Henry Suriya , an older sibling, had his own separate singing career. Henry was also backed by The Boys and recorded with Philips in 1967. His first hit, “Love is a golden ring“, was a classic. Some of his other hits were “It’s no sin (to love you)“, “I’m so lonely (I could cry)“, “Loving you” and “Donna“.

Polygram, 1995: Remembering … Naomi & The Boys with Henry Suriya
Disc 1: Happy happy birthday, baby; I know; It’s all over; Please baby, please; Poncho; I’m the loser; I’d like to know; As life goes on; Call me your clown; Blue mist; How was I to know; It doesn’t matter; Old photographs; Why I’m walking; I’m crying inside; Happy birthday, sweetheart; If you change your mind; A woman’s world; Bad loser; I’ll never be the same; Don’t be surprised; Today; He’s mine; Life I wanna lead.

Disc 2: Silver bells; Mary’s boy child; My first Christmas without daddy; An old Christmas card; Love is a golden ring; I’m so lonely (I could cry); I lost her; I love you a thousand ways; It’s no sin (to love you); The unfaithful kind; It’s left to be seen; I’ll always love you; Thank you!; That’s all I have to say; Loving you; It’s a little more like heaven; Walk through this world; The best of me; I love you; I won’t miss you; The time has come; Get you outta my mind; The wind blows your face away; Talk; I need somebody; I call your name.

Happy happy birthday, baby
Although you’re with somebody new
Thought I drop a line to say that
I hope that this happy day
Will find me there beside you
Happy happy birthday, baby
No I can’t call you my baby
Seems like yers ago we met
On a day I can’t forget
Was the day we fell in love
Do you remember
The names we had for each other
I was your sweetheart
You were my baby
How did we say goodbye
Hope I don’t spoil your birthday
I’m not acting like a lady
So I’ll close this note to you
With good luck and wishes too
Happy happy birthday, baby

I now you’ve found somebody new
It seems she’s the one you adore
So darling, please be fair
Although you don’t care
I know you could never be mine
It seems like only yesterday
You said that you loved only me
But now I can see
Your love could never be
So please, I wanna be free
You told me that it’s true love
Called me your turtle dove
I’ve learned you’ve lied to me
So please, set me free
Tell me is she just like me
Do you use the same old lines
So here’s good luck to you
Lots of happiness too
I know you could never be mine

Looking back into the past
I can see mistakes I’ve made
If I could only relive those years
I have loved and I have lost
I’ve learnt about the cost
Memories linger on
As life goes on
I’ll pretend I’ve never lost
And hope someday I’ll find
Someone whose love is true
As life goes on
True love is so divine
True love’s sublime
Why is it so hard to find?
This love I could call all mine?

I am waiting
Just hoping you’ll call me
I am wishing
You will drop a line
I’m so lonely I could cry
I miss you
I’m longing to kiss you
Please hurry back to me
I’m so lonely I could cry
*Now what’s keeping you
Keeping you so long
Don’t you know
I love you so
Miss you so
And I want you to know, my darling
I wish you were by my side
And holding me tight tonight
I’m so lonely I could cry

Love isn’t just for tonight
For two arms that hold me so tight
Love is a song that you must learn to sing
Love is a golden ring
Love’s not a satin romance
The kiss that follows the dance
Love is a forever and everlasting thing
Love is a golden ring
The wedding in the church
The happiness and tears
A little ring you wear
Will last through all the years
And in our golden days
We’ll find eternal spring
Love is a golden ring
So please wouldn’t you wear it for me
The faith sweet charity
And for only lovers
Last this message we will bring
Love is a golden ring