Nancy Sit 薜家燕

December 16, 2006


Nancy Sit was a popular teen idol (“Fifth Princess” of the Seven Princesses of Cantonese teen movie royalty in the mid-60’s) in Hong Kong. Nancy got her first lead role at age 17 in the musical Bunny Girl 兔女郎 (1967) and solidified her fame with Teddy Girls 飞女正传(1969). Nancy was also a popular go-go (aka Hala Hala) girl releasing a string of hits records in Chinese and covers of English pop songs. She left the entertainment business after getting married. In the 1990’s, she returned to show business and was able to make a successful comeback in the role of “Auntie Ho” 好 姨 in the television drama A Kindred Spirit 真情. It was a ratings bonanza that lasted over 1,000 episodes and inspired a musical stage version. Nancy was also successful on the big screen with the blockbuster The God of Cookery 食神(1996), followed by the lead in The Black Rose II 黑玫瑰结义金兰 (1997).

Some early popular English-language recordings: Hippy hippy shake, Love potion #9. Hang on sloopy, Day tripper, Wooly Bully, I’m a believer, Pretty flamingo, You can’t do that.