Maurice Patton & The Melodians (with Simon Junior)

November 22, 2006


Maurice Patton & The Melodians (摩利士賓敦領導音符樂隊) influenced a whole generation of Chinese musicians in the Far East. Outside the EMI label, The Melodians were most highly sought to provide backing for countless Chinese singers. Here, Simon Junior ((西門魯尼), the drummer, sang many of the mega hits of Wong Ching Yian (backed by The Melodians of course) in English! Maurice Patton used the echo unit heavily to create a Chinese beat style which was copied and being emulated by all the other Chinese bands.

Sorrowful memory, of love that I have known
Born to worry, that is my fate
Lonely as time goes by
Where is my love, where is my love
No one knows how I feel
Ah … Hiding my sorrow with a smile
Pretending that love has been
Wondering here, where is my heart?
Tell me why I am crying

The breeze blows on so calmly
The sun shines brightly in the sky
The rain had come and flood the fields
When I have been waiting, for my only, Ah Lana
Ah Lana, don’t you know that I love you so
Don’t you know that I long for you, Ah Lana
Ah Lana, you’ve been longing just for me
You’ve heard me calling you, Ah Lana
I love you with all my heart
That’s all I have to say
Come to me, darling, we’ll meet again
We’ll be in love once more, Ah Lana
Don’t you know that I love you so
Don’t you know that I long for you, Ah Lana