Koes Bersaudara

August 14, 2009

Koes Bersaudara-1
Pop Indonesia!

Koes Bersaudara (Koes Brothers) hailed from the Bojonegoro-Tuban area in East Java. The Koeswoyo siblings were: Koesdjono (Jon), Koestono (Tonny), Koesnomo (Nomo), Koesyono (Yon) and Koesroyo (Yok). When the fever of Beatlemania spread to the world’s largest archipelago, the band’s music also began to adapt and change with it. The young republic was unprepared for the pop subculture; Koes Bersaudara’s new songs, viewed as a symptom of Western decadence, were banned from radio. After an angry mob showed up during a performance, the brothers were jailed without due process by the Highest Operation Commando (KOTI). Finally released just before the nation’s coup d’état in 1965, the band recorded the experience in the famous album To The So Called The Guilties in 1967. It contained popular songs like Di Dalam Bui (In Gaol), Voorman (Gaoler), Poor Clown and the title track, To The So Called The Guilties. Koes Bersaudara became Koes Plus in 1969, and continued to carry on into the 1970’s as one of the most popular Indonesian bands.

When your heart is down
And you sit in front of the court
The lawyers do something for you
They judge the right against the wrong
While you don’t know what happened behind
To the so-called the guilties
They try to differ
From good to bad
The court may sentence you
Prison or even death
Then beat afast
That you feel what’s in your heart
If you forget the Lord
Yes … the Lord above