Janice Wee & The Mascots

November 30, 2006


Janice Wee & The Mascots were from Kuching. They were the second English-language recording group from East Malaysia. The songs from the first EP were Just for you, Ding-ding-dong, Garden of my home and My colouring book.

She was backed by The Boys (of Naomi’s) from Singapore on her second EP: That one boy, I walk the line, If love could be, Another you.

Here in the garden of my home
I sit and watch the flowers grow
Sometime I think that I’m alone
Here in the garden of my home
My mind is falling down
The sky is all around
Someone is standing there
But now you’re gone, I don’t know where

Sometime I think I’m much too loud
And there I’m standing on a cloud
It all depends on what I hear
And then again there’s nothing clear

* I want to see the sky
or watch a street car flies
In spite of all I fall
and watch the colors on the wall