Chang Siao Ying 张小英

March 10, 2008


Chang Siao Ying
was a sensation from Singapore whose singing career spanned over two decades. Her first hit Three Dreams (三個夢 San Ke Mung) was written for her. Other early hits were Beloved One (心上 人 Sin Sun Re) and A Small Umbrella (一把小雨傘 Ee Pa Xiao Yu San). She also popularized a lot of songs before the official launch of many original versions (by other singers). It is interesting to note that she was backed by the versatile Travellers in her early days, against a backdrop where Maurice Patton & The Melodians appeared to rule the air of Chinese pops.

青梅和竹馬 我倆結同心
海誓又山盟 願效比翼飛
想不到狂風暴雨 吹散了情海浮萍
杜鵑徹夜啼 像是我知音
望月怕團圓 舊情怕囘憶
生死訣別誰不悲 天荒地老情難移
東風送暖春又來 花兒眼看又上枝
一樣盛景非昨日 情郎永離了人世
杜鵑聲聲悲 窗下我徘徊
望月怕團圓 舊情令心碎
祇很蒼天妒良緣 可憐情郎在九泉