Pearl Sisters 펄시스터즈

The Pearl Sisters was a duo of two sisters, Bae In Soon (배인순) and Bae In Sook (배인숙). It was 1967 when Bae In Soon won a singing talent show organized by the US 8th Army stationed in South Korea. She then convinced Beo In Sook to form a singing duo. The sisters were very lucky to get under the immediate tutorship and guidance of the country’s premier K-Pop musician, composer and arranger: 신중현 Shin Joong Hyun. The album 님아 (“Nimah”) released in 1968 was an instant smash success. It included their greatest hit, 커피한잔 (“A Cup of Coffee”), where Shin Joong Hyun played his mesmerizing psychedelic guitar on it. The Pearl Sisters were active until mid-70’s.

커피 한잔을 시켜놓고 그대 올때를 기다려봐도
웬일인지 오지를 않네 내 속을 태우는구려

팔분이 지나고 구분이 와요 일분만 있으면 나는가요
내 정말 그대를 사랑해 내 속을 태우는구려

*아 그대여 왜 안오시나
아 내 사랑아 오 기다려요
오 기다려요 오 기다려요
불덩이 같은 이 가슴 엽차 한잔을 시켜봐도
보고싶은 그대 얼굴 내 속을 태우는구려

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