Jiang Hong (Kiang Hung) 江宏

While a steady crop of very talented and glamorous female singers (and actresses) dominated the Chinese Cinema, an unassuming male singer was quietly lending his voice to songs for many soundtracks in Shaw Brothers’ movies as a playback artist. Jiang Hong 江宏 may be unfamiliar on camera but the impact of his singing voice definitely left an indelible impression from Chinese folk songs (山歌) in 山歌恋 (The Shepherd Girl) to Huang Mei Diao (黃梅調) like 花木蘭 (Hua Mulan) with Ivy Ling Po 凌波 and in the 林黛 Lin Dai classic, 江山美人 (The Kingdom and the Beauty). He also frequently sang duets especially with Tsin Ting 静婷. He was married to another renowned singer 崔萍 Tsui Ping. Jiang Hong passed away in 1995.

曾有一位美麗的姑娘 在這湖邊來來往往
白雲悠悠 歲月如流 那姑娘已去向何方
我要找尋 我要找尋 找尋妳的影蹤
去向何方 去向何方 只剩下苦情花獨自芬芳

廟宇蓋在那個高山上, 姐兒住在那個小村莊, 一心要到廟裡去燒香
只怕又被旁人問短長. 萬一有人問, 何事去燒香? 嘴上不回答. 心裡一樣慌
我還沒娶妹,妳還沒嫁郎,我娶妳出嫁,正好成一雙. 何必還要去燒香呀? 去燒香?
只怪哥兒你,為何早不講? 你不請媒証,早上我們家. 姐兒只得去燒香呀,去燒香
我倆也好趁早配成雙, 我倆也好趁早配成雙 呀!配成雙

One Response to Jiang Hong (Kiang Hung) 江宏

  1. koolcampus says:

    JIANG HONG is definitely one of my fave singers of all time. I liked him in the Shaw Movie SONGFEST. There he lent his voice to male lead CHIAO CHUANG.
    Great guy, this one!

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