Judy Ongg 翁倩玉 ジュディ・オング 

Judy Ongg ジュディ・オング (翁倩玉, Weng QianYu) was born in Taiwan but has lived in Japan since she was 2 years old because her father worked there. The young talented Judy Ongg was also caught up in pops, and her appearance on TV show 青春ア・ゴーゴー (1966) left an indelible impression on the Japanese audience where she sang Say Mama accompanied by The Spiders. Movie contracts followed both in Taiwan and Japan. She has recorded for Columbia Records, CBS Sony and Toshiba EMI. Some of her more popular songs are 珊瑚戀 (A Coral Romance, 1969) and 祈禱 (My Prayer). Her singing and movie career spans over four decades.

祈禱 (Qi Dao) MY PRAYER
讓我們敲希望的鐘呀 多少祈禱在心中
讓大家看不到失敗 叫成功永遠在
讓地球忘記了轉動呀 四季少了夏秋冬
讓宇宙關不了天窗 叫太陽不西衝
讓歡喜代替了哀愁呀 微笑不會再害羞
讓時光懂得去倒流 叫青春不開溜
讓貧窮開始去逃亡呀 快樂健康流四方
讓世間找不到黑暗 幸福像花開放
讓我們敲希望的鐘呀 多少祈禱在心中
讓大家看不到失敗 叫成功永遠在
讓大家看不到失敗 叫成功永遠在


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