The Teenage Hunters

The Teenage Hunters were from Kuala Lumpur. They formed in 1963 at SJI (St. John’s Institution). The members were Terry Thaddeus (lead guitar), Jimmy Olivero (bass guitar), Peter Ghouse (rhythm guitar), Lawrence Dragon (organ) and Kenny Rebel (drums). They were the winner of the Beatles Competition in 1964. These were school boys who recorded very successful original instrumental hits (composed by Terry Thaddeus) like “Merwill” and “I thought only twice”. The band lasted until school was out in 1965. Some members regrouped as The Hunters and toured the buzzing club and vibrant music scene in Bangkok. After they disbanded, Terry Thaddeus went on to play with other groups, most notably The Strollers.


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  1. first of all a want to congratulate you for what you are doing in this webpage, i just love asian music and this helps me a lot to understand their culture, well the reason why im right here commenting is this video… i was wondering if maybe this backing band named the hunters was the same hunters youre talking about here the other thing that calls my atention its the females singer that sings this song , i just love her voice but i dont know who she is—

    keep working like that with the website… its absoluting amazing what youre doing here

    greetings from chile


  2. franas says:

    They were not the same band. According to the cover, the female singer “Lilian” came from the State of Sabah, Malaysia. Thanks for visiting.

  3. This was probably the only local band in that period that were mature enough musically to move out of the shadows of the Shadows (if you’ll pardon the pun).

    Peter Ghouse went on to Australia after a near “James Dean” experience in the mid 1960’s when he drove a Triumph saloon car into a ravine near Kuala Lumpur and was hospitalised for a week or so as a consequence.

    Peter Ghouse introduced harmonies into singing when he duetted with the other local musical legend Michael Magnus (Strollers and Revolvers) at local school talent shows.

    It was a novelty in those days to hear two locals singing the same tune in different notes blending into the same song at the same time. Peter like Michael was stylish and knew how to walk the walk and talk the talk.

    Jimmy Olivero went on to being Mr. Funky Broadway when he and Michael in the Strollers a decade or so later would introduce the music of Stax, Booker T & the MG’s, Wilson Picket and Motown to us. They were the other departure from the Shadows. All of a sudden a whole new world of music (other than Cliff Richard Elvis and the Shadows) opened itself to us through these musicians.

    Terry Thaddeaus of course was a more than a mere legend. He was a true guitar virtuoso with a prowess matched by very few around him then. These days of course you have excellent guitar technicians with technique and the ability to read and play like others. Terry played like Terry. There was no local outlet for original music. There were no readers or maestros to learn technique from. You had to be original and rely on your instincts. All of these chaps had it.

    Peter migrated to Australia where he continues to do what he always did best.Entertain both as a teacher and a musician.

    Michael Magnus lives in retirement as a recluse in a north Queensland coastal town of Harvey Bay with his wife. Plays the occasional jazz piano at a local bar.

    Jimmy Olivero also a resident of Perth is a businessman. Whether he continues with the Funk he brought to the local music environment all those years ago in Malaysia is unclear. But he could sing and grove and sing he did. Jimmy always had soul and a feel few others had that could deliver a song in the way he did then.

    Terry sadly has moved on to the hereafter and the great super group in the sky.

    Music is the expression of a creative heart and soul and not the regurgitation of someone else’s feelings regardless of whether this is through a guitar chord or a song verse.

    Today one has to be content with the mindless mastery of frauds as in Australia has got talent. Really??

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