The Spiders ザ・スパイダース

The Spiders were formed in 1961. Their first recordings were eleki with popular covers like “Dynamite” and “Wipeout”. With the addition of Jun Inoue on vocals in 1964, they were ready for GS which took after the new wave of British-invasion vocal beat groups. The Spiders were influenced by R&B and psychedelic rock. Surprisingly, it was a ballad “Yuhi Ga Naiteru (Sad Sunset)” which gave them their first hit. Other hits followed including “Anotoki Kimi wa Wakakatta”, 君にあげよう (I’ll give you) and “Seishun A-Go-Go”. They toured Europe in late 1966, appearing on Ready Steady Go! and at the legendary Star Club in Hamburg. In 1970, Shochi Tanabe left and was replaced by Maeda. They disbanded in 1971. They were widely regarded as the premier GS band.

The Spiders: Shochi Tanabe (leader, drums), Hiroshi “Monsieur” Kamayatsu (guitar, vocals), Kunihiko Kase (vocals), Jun Inoue (vocals), Takayuki Inoue (lead guitar), Katuo Ono (keyboard, steel guitar), Mituru Kato (bass guitar), Masaaki Sakai (vocals, flute) and Maeda Tomio (drums).

夕陽が泣いている (SAD SUNSET)

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