Eddie Peregrina

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Eddie Peregrina was another OPM (Original Pilipino Music) legend. While he sang with The Blinkers in Japan, he also became the first jukebox king in his homeland where Filipinos thronged around the coin-operated machines to drop 20 centavos to listen to their favorite singing idol. With the band, Eddie Peregrina gave us memorable hits like Blue Eyes and Together Again. During his prime, Eddie Pergrina was also doing TV (like the popular The Eddie-Nora Show) and acted in movies with leading ladies (like Vilma Santos, Espie Fabon, Nora Aunor). Eddie died from a car accident at the age of 32 in 1977. He was survived by his wife, Lyn, and two daughters, Edlyn and Michelle. He left a legacy of evergreen songs like Alaala ay ikaw and Nabubuhay ako dahil sa’yo.

The Blinkers were: “Eddie” Peregrina (vocals, lead guitar, and organ), Salvador “Buddy” Yap (bass guitar), Edgardo “Bee” Morelos (rhythm guitar), Max “Boy” Alcaide (drums), and Edgard Oscar Asusr (keyboard, 1967 – 74).

Malilimutan ko pa ba aking mahal
Ang maligayang araw nating nagdaan
Habang ako’y nag-iisang nalulumbay
Ang alaala ay ikaw

Ang aking suyuang walang kasing tamis
Sa gunita pala ay ubod ng pait
Ang nagtampong pag-ibig mong di ko batid
Kung minsan pang magbabalik

Kaya wala nang nalabi sa dibdib ko
Kundi ang alaala ng pag-ibig mo
Asahanmong jhindika na mawawala
Dito sa aking gunita


3 Responses to Eddie Peregrina

  1. richardvoters says:

    (‘BOUT THE Blinkers)..Can anybody who has a picture of this (The blinkers)band or any pictures or files of this eddie peregrina’s band can please send me on my e-mail bayanivoters_2003@yahoo.com..I myself a professional musician but I can’t really forget this blinkers band.During my teenage day’s there music was always ringing to my ear.Eventhough I like Jazz and latin music still sometimes I like to hear there songs.It remind of my good old days.It’s really simple but beautiful original sound..Thanks!!!

  2. richardvoters says:

    Pls anybody there who has a pictures of the blinkers Band(60’s)you can send me on my e-mail add…bayanivoters_2003@yahoo.com..I will appreciate it very much.. Thanks

  3. tarunaya.Com sinhala Tele Dramas

    Eddie Peregrina | QUESTING bandstand

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