Vic O. Cristobal 葛士培

Vic Cristobal

Filipino musicians and bands started bringing music to Hong Kong’s shores in the 1940s. Generations of great musicians came, and over the years they have wielded a big influence on the island’s entertainment scene. Working quietly behind the scene was Vic Cristobal, the musical genius arranger-musician-composer. When the studios wanted a fuller sound, they always turned to Vic Cristobal and his band. Vic Cristobal also composed the hit song My Sonata of Love as well as numerous film scores including 歡樂今宵 (recorded by Billie Tam 蓓蕾 in the movie 歡樂青春, The Joy of Spring). After retirement, Vic Cristobal migrated to Vancouver, Canada. He continued to be active and mentored many aspiring musicians. The British Columbia’s Richmond Music Festival (dedicated to music development in piano, strings and woodwinds through the areas of performance, instruction, appreciation and presentation) has created a Vic O. Cristobal Memorial Trophy.

Vic Cristobal - EP


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