Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar (Hindi: लता मंगेशकर,) was India’s most recorded singer, supreme voice of Hindi popular and light classical music, pop, and musical forms of ghazal and bhajan. The Indian subcontinent is geographically in South Asia but has always “look East” with fairly large settlements and communities in Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, and Singapore. The culture, influence and presence of Indian music and Bollywood in East Asia is prominent.

* Lata Mangeshkar has charmed her fans with over 50,000 songs she has sung as a playback singer in films. Until the 1991 edition, when her entry disappeared, the Guinness Book of Records listed her as the most recorded artist in the world with not less than 30,000 solo, duet and chorus-backed songs recorded in 20 Indian languages between 1948 and 1987.

[Recently at Hotel Jaypee Palace in Agra, I met musician Arun Saxena who was very kind to give me a CD selection of Hindi songs. His excellent instrumental rendition of the popular hit of Bachpan ki muhabbat by Lata Mangeshkar (from the movie Barju Baura , 1953) is presented here. *The song was sang in Chinese (心里的火花) in the 60’s by Pan Xiu Qiong 潘秀琼]

*Bachapan kee mohabbat ko, dil se naa judaa karanaa
Jab yaad meree aaye, milane kee doowaan karanaa

Ghar meree ummeedon kaa sunaa kiye jaate ho
Duniyaa hee mohabbat kee loote liye jaate ho
Jo gam diye jaate ho, us gam kee dawaa karanaa

Saawan mein papee ke saath sangeet churaoongee
Farayaad tumhe apanee gaa gaa ke sunaaoongee
Aawaaj meree sun ke, dil thaam liyaa karanaa

(English translation)
Do not remove love of my youth from your heart
Pray for a meeting if you remember me
You are emptying my abode of hope
You are looting my world of love
You have to give medicine for unhappiness given by you
i will steal music of PAPIHA bird in rainy season and will plead before you with a song
You clutch your heart whenever you hear me singing
Do not forget the love of my youth my love


One Response to Lata Mangeshkar

  1. guessworker says:

    Here’s a wonderful Lata song Jyoti Kalash Chhalke.

    This is one one Lata’s best.

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