The Electromaniacs

Pinoy Rock!

One of the more prolific instrumental bands from The Philippines. The complete name was Jose Mari Gonzales & The Electromaniacs. Organized and managed by the popular Filipino actor, the band members consisted originally of Ernie Delgado (lead), Gene Generoso (rhythm), Joey Gordon (bass) and Lito Toribio (drums). Gene and Joey soon left and were replaced by Chito Perez (2nd lead) and Emil Caballero (bass). They were playing in the style of The Ventures with a blend of country and blues influences. Their signature tune was Lovers guitar.


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  1. […] The Electromaniacs were founded in 1960 by Gene Generoso, who was the lead singer and played rhythm guitar, lead guitarist Ernie Delgado, Joey Gordon on bass and Lito Toribio on drums. They later replaced Gene Generoso with Chito Perez on rhythm guitar, and they became an instrumental band. Their manager was Jose Mari Gonzales, who was a popular Filipino actor at the time. They were often billed as ‘Jose Mari Gonzales & The Electromaniacs’. They later shortened their name to ‘The Electros’. […]

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