Susan Lim & The Crescendos


The Crescendos were the trail blazers. They were frequently credited with opening the door for other local acts to follow. The singing quartet consisted of Susan Lim, John Chee, Raymond Ho (rhythm) and Leslie Chia (lead). The Crescendos signed with Philips (Phonogram) in 1962. This was the early 60’s in the infancy of the local music scene so originality was not the most pressing concern yet. The Crescendos were just having fun playing and giving their unique interpretation of some of the popular English hits. Their first record, Mr. Twister, surprisingly outsold Connie Francis’ version. This convinced the international labels about the depth and marketability of local talents, instilling confidence in them to sign up more local artists. The Crescendos continued to record hit after hit, like Besame mucho, The boy next door, Silver threads and golden needle and In the good old summertime. The untimely and tragic accidental drowning of Susan in 1970 ended a wonderful recording career and partnership.

Susan Lim with The Thunderbirds: Another morning, Baby now that I’ve found you, The ballad of Bonnie & Clyde, With every little star.

Polygram, 1994: The Complete Crescendos
Mr. Twister, Frankie, In the good old summertime, Just a closer walk with thee, Waktu Fajar, Bengawan solo, The boy next door, Besame mucho, Rinky tinky twist, The other side of town, Hey big boy, My bonnie, Everybody loves a lover, Long tall Sally, Silver threads and golden needle, He’s the boy, Lenggang kangkong, Has anybody seen my boyfriend, Walk on by, Are you getting tired of your little toy, Lemon tree, A lover’s concerto.


The boy next door has really got me dreamin’
(dum dee dum dee dum the boy next door)
But I remember when it was a little feeling
(dum dee dum dee dum the boy next door)
He used to pull my hair
But I didn’t really care
He was my true love affair
When he was twelve and I was ten
The boy next door used to take my toys away
(dum dee dum dee dum the boy next door)
But now he’s busy keeping all of the boys away
(dum dee dum dee dum the boy next door)
He’s jealous as can be
But that’s alright with me
He told all the other boys
Stay away if you value your life
The boy next door wants to move across the street
(dum dee dum dee dum the boy next door)
He wants to get married and make my life complete
(dum dee dum dee dum the boy next door)
So if you’re looking around
For a guy in your home town
The one that you’re looking for
Just might be the boy next door
Oh the boy next door
(dum dee dum dee dum the boy next door)


One Response to Susan Lim & The Crescendos

  1. danceaficionado says:

    You have a very interesting blog.

    I believe that Susan Lim went swimming off a beach in Kuantan, Pahang and drowned.

    Sadly, her body was washed out to sea and never found.

    Dance Aficionado

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