Anita Sarawak


Anita Sarawak has became Singapore’s diva supreme since busting into the pop scene in the 60s. With a famous film actress as her mother (Siput Sarawak) and an equally successful film producer father (Roomai Noor), show business is in her blood. Anita is known for her husky voice, funky dance moves, outlandish costumes and daring stage presence. Having gained celebrity status in the Far East, Anita decided to venture further afield in Las Vegas. With her band American Dream, she entertained at Caesar’s Palace for over ten years until her retirement in 2001. Anita Sarawak is back in Singapore but continued to be active in the music scene, hosting The Anita Talkshow, appearing on TV and in films, opening her own jewelry line (The Anita Sarawak Cinta Collection), and publishing a cook book (Anita Sarawak Cooking with Love).

Akhirnya kini pasti, Antara yang manis, Asmara, Bawalah daku pergi, Bercanda di pasiran pantai, Bisikan cinta, Cintamu muzik Dihatiku, Cinta nan satu, Dengar ini cerita, Getaran, Joget sayang di sayang, Kisah kawanku, Lodeh mak lodeh, Menunggu nasi minyak, Tragedi buah epal.

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