Janice Wee & The Mascots


Janice Wee & The Mascots were from Kuching. They were the second English-language recording group from East Malaysia. The songs from the first EP were Just for you, Ding-ding-dong, Garden of my home and My colouring book.

She was backed by The Boys (of Naomi’s) from Singapore on her second EP: That one boy, I walk the line, If love could be, Another you.

Here in the garden of my home
I sit and watch the flowers grow
Sometime I think that I’m alone
Here in the garden of my home
My mind is falling down
The sky is all around
Someone is standing there
But now you’re gone, I don’t know where

Sometime I think I’m much too loud
And there I’m standing on a cloud
It all depends on what I hear
And then again there’s nothing clear

* I want to see the sky
or watch a street car flies
In spite of all I fall
and watch the colors on the wall


One Response to Janice Wee & The Mascots

  1. jogumba says:

    Can someone tell me whether this was the same lovely girl with the beautiful innocent voice who sang Another You, That one boy, amongst others. Where can I get the cd or vinyl ?
    I am from a neighbouring state and very bragful that East Malaysians can also produce Top Class music,songstresses and bands. Both Rose Iwanaga and Janice songs were the most requested and played over the airwaves, dance, parties in the late sixties. Thank you for posting.

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