The Strollers


The Strollers from Kuala Lumpur was formed in 1965. They were always compared to as Malaysia’s answer to The Quests, the top band from Singapore “across the causeway.” The comparison was for popularity and top act from the two neighboring countries which once belonged to the same Federation. The Strollers was really a different band playing heavy and a lot of late sixties styled pop-psych music with killer organ, guitar & flute. The original band comprised of Michael Magness (vocals, organ), Nand Kumar (vocals, congas), Billy Chang (bass guitar), Hassan Idris (lead guitar) and Ramli (replaced by Hussein Idris (drums). Some of their best loved hits were Just as I Am (sang by Nand), Silly Joke (sang by Billy), and Do What you Gotta Do (sang by Michael). They recorded the acclaimed psychedelic “Waiting is …” album in 1973 before disbanding. Billy Chang revived the band for awhile by teaming up with Terry Thaddeus on guitar, Richard Gomes on keyboards and singer Azman Warren. (In 2008 after 15 years lapse, ex-Stroller drummer Hussein Idris has recruited some well-known musicians to form The Stroller2: Hussein (drums/vocals, The Strollers 1969), Casper (bass/vocals, The Memories 1978), Desi (lead vocals/percussions, The Memories 1983), Nan (lead guitar/vocals, Grim Preachers 1970) and Lord (keyboards/guitar/vocals, The Boys 1985.)


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  1. handsomemann says:

    Hi There,
    I am John originally from Malaysia. Yes I do know the Strollers since their hit single Just As I Am in 1971. Nand Kumar I know died in his early 30’s of heart attack.Hmm, has anybody who has had been the strollers fan can they get in touch with me on to share views and other malaysian artist.

  2. cliffsonic says:

    Hi John,
    The Strollers shall be compare to October Cherries instaed of Quests But in fairness, on Henry Chua book did mentioned that Michael Magness did replace Reggie to play lead guitar. So there’s a little connection between Strollers and The Quests.

  3. mohannair says:

    Hi all,

    Just got intro to this site. Brilliant! From Malaysia many years ago, had the previlage of going to school with Hassan Idris and earlier with Nan. This site has brought back memories…. even with Terry Thedeaus asa reminder of the the Alley in Ampnag?

    Join in folks and lets share the memories!

  4. mohannair says:

    Hi all,

    Visited Kuala Lumpur in March 2011. Got an invite to The Cobra Club in PJ. Surprise…. Strollers play at this venue every wed and fri. Pity it was a wed and the club was showing the semi finals of the cricket world cup. so no strollers. Would have loved to see them again.Perhaps next time..

  5. city mini stroller…

    […]The Strollers « QUESTING bandstand[…]…

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  7. Peter Ghouse says:

    Here is some history from the early music scene in KL ( Malaysia)
    Michael Magness started playing piano in Klang with Peter Ghouse on guitar, Joey Magness on drums and Harun ( forgot surname) on double bass. They were called The Blue Dominoes. Later Mikes cousin Emile Perkins played drums. When the band split, Mike went to the strollers and Peter joined The Teenage Hunters. The Strollers also featured Jimmy D’Oliveiro ( vocals) when Henry’s (Quests)father passed away, Peter Ghouse was asked to play bass and played support to THE YARDBIRDS and WALKER BROTHERS and did a few gigs at the RAF and army camps. Jimmy left the Strollers to go to England and Peter migrated to Australia ( 1968) Peter joined a Kiwi band for 12 months and then joined The New Faces (ex McCoys Singapore) after 9’years with New Faces Peter joined The Sheraton Hotel as a resident musician ( bass and guitar) Jimmy joined Roy Sta Maria and later formed The Flashbacks ( Winston Walters ex Dukes …Singapore ) and Derek Holmes. Peter became a school teacher and taught music in schools. And the music played………

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