The Trailers


The Trailers signed with Cosdel label and released their first SP in 1966. An original composition, “Do it right“, reached No. 1 in Singapore. The line-up were: Victor Woo (lead), Edmund Tan (rhythm), Eric Tan (bass), Tony Zee (drums), Michael Teo (organ) and Benny Koh (vocals). The Trailers followed it up with another No. 1 with a cover of Lucille. A Chinese New Year EP was released in 1967. It featured Jimmy Chan who had replaced Michael. The joyous instrumental rendition of a popular CNY song, “Phoenix Theme“, became a standard.

Golden Venus Records, 2005: The Trailers (Singapore Pop 60’s)

Do it right, Thunderball, Don’t laugh (you’ll cry), Lucille, Pheonix Theme, Lara’s song, Ding dong song, Ali san, Quiver, Run away hide, Irene goodnight, Mohair Sam, Girl of my dreams, You only live twice, Come back my love, Be faithful be true, I’m ready now, Peter Gunn, Raise yor hand, Gimme little sign.



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